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Silicone is an ideal material for extremes! High or low temperature requirements, weathering and more!
Silicone is an extremely versatile material and excellent for:
Resistance to ozone
Resistance to sunlight and oxidation
Excellent flexibility at low temperatures
Excellent resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations
Excellent electrical insulation
Superior Color stability
Low compression set
Physical Properties Natural
SBR EPDM Neoprene Nitrile Urethane Silicone Fluorocarbon
Specific Gravity 0.93 0.94 0.86 1.23 1.00 1.05 to 1.25 0.95 to 1.20 1.4 to
Durometer, Range 30-100 40-100 30-90 40-95 30-90 55-100 25-90 55-90
Tensile Strength E F-G VG VG VG E F-G VG
Elongation VG-E G G G G G-VG VG-E F-G
Compression Set G G G F-G G G-E G-E G-E
Heat Resistance F F-G VG-E F-G G F-G E E
Resilience or Rebound E F-G G VG F-G F-E G F
Impact Resistance E E G G F G-E P-G E
Abrasion Resistance E G-E G-E G-E G-E E P-F F-G
Tear Resistance E F F-G F-G F-G E P-F F
Cut Growth E G G G G G-E P-F P-F
Flame Resistance P P P G P P-F F-G VG-E
Impermeability, Gas F F F-G F-G G P-F F-G E
Weathering Resistance P-F F E VG F-G G-E E E
Low Temperature Limit* -10° TO -50°F 0° TO -50°F -20° TO -60°F -10° TO -50°F -30° TO -40°F -10° TO -50°F -65° TO -150°F +10° TO -40°F
High Temperature Limit* 158° TO 225°F 158° TO 225°F 300° TO 350°F 225°F 275°F 250°F 400° TO 550°F 400° TO 450°F

About the Silicone Compound
Silicone compounds would be the preferred choice if you have an application that requires high heat or very low temperatures. It's more expensive than EPDM, but cost is relative to the longevity of a seal or gasket. With some of Lauren's new silicone formulations, cost has become less of a factor.
However, it is not recommended for applications that require abrasion, tear or cut growth resistance or high tensile strength. It is not recommended for resistance to oil, gasoline, solvents, alkalis or acids.

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