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Foundation Industries established in 1998 and been specializing in manufacturing and distributing of Membrane Switches, Membrane Keypads, Control Panels, Printing Circuits, FPC, PCBAs, Silicone Rubber Products, Rubber Parts, Name-plate, Touch Switches and the others relative products. We have three plants and one office now – Huahongchuang Membrane Products Co., Ltd, TKM Membrane Products Technology Ltd, Huachuang Rubber Products Co., Ltd and Foundation Industries Manufacturing Limited (H.K office). Through sixteen year's hard work, Foundation has achieved annual sales all-time record high step by step and reached 27 million sets in sales in 2013. We can provide a one-stop, one-shop solution – from design and prototype creation through production, and even installation into integrated assemblies. Foundation standard membrane switches are thin, low-profile, micro-motion assemblies, with one or more layers of silver or carbon conductors printed on polyester substrate layers. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are used to bond the ...More...
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    Mount Workshop

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/90.html

    Life Tester

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/89.html

    Quality Department iceberg

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/88.html

    Abrasion tester

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/87.html


  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/86.html


  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/85.html

    Load Tester

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/84.html

    Silicone Molding Machine

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/83.html

    Industrial tunnel furnace

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/82.html

    The second element projector

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/81.html

    Large hydraulic machine

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/80.html

    Large area printing machine 200cm X 150cm

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/79.html

    Corner of the warehouse

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/78.html

    Semi-automatic network printer

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/77.html

    Semi-automatic network printer & tunnel furnace

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/24.html

    Laser cutting machine

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/23.html

    Embossed machine

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/17.html

    Office of the iceberg

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/16.html

    Semi-automatic screen printing machine

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/15.html

    Gum machine

  • http://www.foundationfe.com/Workshop/14.html


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