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Typically made up of several layers of membranes, our membrane switch is completely sealed to keep dust or water from damaging the device. Desirable features available in modern electronic, mechanical,and optic devices, such as keys, graphic overlays, display windows, and backing layers, all come together on this state-of-the-art electronic device.
The membrane switch is often seen as a better alternative to conventional keypads in that it performs operating tasks more reliably.
Electronic communications, electronic measuring instrument, industrial control, medical equipment, automobile, smart toy, home appliance
1. An accessible interface provides easy links between users and equipment to be controlled;
2. Large spacing between keys makes it easier to press different keys;
3. Dust-tight, waterproof graphic overlay protects the device from the ingress of any harmful substances;
4. This switching device is designed to resist some hazardous climatic conditions;
5. Durable and wear-resistant, the graphic overlay is also easy to clean without removing the letters on the keys. Keeping the interface clean and intact is crucial to a long service life of the switches;
6. With light weight and a small physical size, the membrane switch offers a myriad of eye-catching colors;
7. Reliable and appealing to the eye, this switch can be customized upon your request;
8. We can tailor the size, shape, color, pattern, and components of your membrane switch to your specific requirements;
9. Optional features: built-in LED, backlighting;
9. Short delivery cycle allows you to get what you want just in time;
Basic Structure:
1. Graphic overlay, with underneath texting or image, made of PET and PC layers, available with or without bumps;
2. Anti-static layer (optional);
3. Spacer with or without metal dome;
4. Printed circuit layer;
5. Back adhesive;
Bespoke Service:
1. Custom printed trademark or graphics;
2. A wide range of materials can be used to make the graphic overlay;
3. Shapes can be tailored to your liking;
4. Backlighting (fiber lighting or LED lighting);
5. Multiple bumps can be created on the surface of each key to provide tactile feedback. Of course users also can go with un-tactile configurations;
6. Shields can be designed for the following:
I. EMI (Electromagnetic Interference);
II. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference);
III. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge);
7. Embossed bump, spherical bumps, diamond-shaped bump, 3D bump, and more;
8. Built-in LED or resistor;
9. Available with multiple connectors;
10. Completely sealed chamber offers a proper level of humidity;
11. Painting for the display window;
12. More options;
Listed below are some basic performance specifications:
1. Working Voltage: ≤50V (DC);
2. Working Current: ≤100mA;
3. Contact Resistance: 0.5~10Ω;
4. Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ(100V/DC);
5. Tolerable Voltage of Substrate: 2kV (DC);
6. Contact Bounce: ≤6ms;
7. Circuit Resistance: 50,150Ω, 350Ω. We can tailor this resistance to fit your requirements;
8. Tolerable voltage for non-conductive ink: 100V/DC;
Mechanical Performance:
1. Lifespan: more than 1 million presses;
2. Key travel distance: 0.1-0.4mm (for un-tactile membrane switch), 0.4-1.0mm (for tactile type);
3. Pressing force: 15-750g;
4. Silver migration test: This test is carried out at the temperature of 55℃ and relative humidity 90%, where a 50VDC is applied to the switch. The test lasts for 56 hours. After the test, the resistance is measured between two adjacent silver circuits, which are 10MΩ. This means no short circuit would ever happen to this membrane switch.
Note: Silver migration is a process whereby silver irons move between two adjacent silver circuits. This ionic flow would create a new, low-resistance path between the two circuits, leading to electrical short.
5. No oxidation ever happens to the silver circuit;
6. Silver path width: ≥0.3mm;
7. Distance between two adjacent silver paths (also known as circuit traces): 0.3mm;
8. Length of rough edges along the silver path: <1/3 (of the whole circuit length);
9. Nick in the circuit trace: <1/4 (of circuit width);
10. Distance between two adjacent pins: 2.54mm, 2.50m, 1.27mm, or 1.25mm;
11. Flexural strength of wiring for pins: The wiring can be run over without being damaged by a 10mm-diameter steel roller.
Operating Conditions:
1. Operating Temperature: -20℃ -+70℃ ;
2. Storage Temperature: -40℃ -+85℃ with relative humidity of 95%±5%;
3. Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106KPa;

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